Release the potential in your students

The Compelling Why is another resource for your students who are caught in the middle but have great potential to achieve great things. We call them “students of promise,” and we want to help you by providing that extra push they need to take advantage of the resources available to them on your campus and community.

We are here to help your students reach their goals and aspirations.

Partner With Us

Reaching “students of promise” would not be possible without the help of community groups, educators and investors.

The Impact of Compelling Success Sessions

  • Increase each student’s level of engagement. Research shows students who are behaviorally, emotionally and cognitively engaged in school are more likely to achieve positive academic outcomes.
  • Expose students to accomplished role models with whom they relate to culturally. Students served seldom see themselves reflected in the myriad of careers and occupations to which they might aspire.
  • Connect students to the resources needed to achieve their college and career goals.
The Compelling Why success stories can be great discussion starters. Use them to help reinforce your message of the importance and value of education, self-motivation, personal responsibility and active engagement in school activities. Encourage use by your counselors, club and campus organization sponsors.
“Working with young minority males and females is a complete joy that also has specific challenges. As their educator my voice becomes numbing as a school year progresses, and the impact of my messages fade due to the frequency of our interactions. There came a point where my students truly believed that I knew they were full of potential, yet they were tired of hearing it from me, directly...the Compelling Why answers this call each year for us."

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