The 2019-2020 program year was unprecedented given the challenges of navigating the COVID-19 global pandemic. Although we were unable to complete all scheduled programming due to school closures, we were able to complete all Success Sessions and a portion of our Leadership Series. Below is a summary of program highlights including survey results from the Success Sessions.


  • Hosted eight Success Sessions at UT-Dallas reaching more than 1,000 students
  • Completed two scheduled Leadership Series before ending due to school closures
  • Delivered programming to 28 North-Texas area school campuses, representing seven school districts
  • Engaged 25 business and community leaders as panelists
  • Produced outstanding student survey results (see below)
  • Welcomed Lewisville ISD to our list of school partners


Student survey results demonstrate greater awareness and internalization of our success pillars and value of leadership attributes. Success Session: 2019-2020 Compelling Why Pre/Post survey with students responding either “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” to the following statements:
  • 87%: “I feel more motivated to succeed in school.”
  • 89%: “I understand that my success in school is up to me.”
  • 88%: “I understand the value of participating in extracurricular activities.”
  • 84%: I “learned about,” “considered joining,” or “signed up or gave my information” to a school or community-based organization.
  • 87%: “This event [Success Session] has had a positive impact on my attitude toward education.”
  • 86%: “I will recommend this event [Success Session] to my friends.”
* Number of respondents: 951

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