During the 2018-2019 school year, The Compelling Why hosted Success Sessions at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson. The results speak for themselves, with students responding either “Strongly Agreed” or “Agreed” to the following statements in pre/post survey.*

  • 92.0% indicated that I “learned about,” “considered joining,” or “signed up or gave my information” to a school or community-based organization. 
  • 89.3% responded that “I understand the value of participating in extracurricular activities.”
  • 88.6% responded that “I understand that my success in school is up to me.”
  • 86.8% responded that “I feel more motivated to succeed in school.”
  • 87.4% responded that “this event [Success Session] has had a positive impact on my attitude toward education.”
  • 84.9% responded that “I will recommend this event [Success Session] to my friends.”
*1,060 students responded to the survey.

In the spring semester, The Compelling Why hosted its Leadership SeriesLeadership programming was offered to six (6) campuses for a total of 17 separate facilitated conversations. 247 students attended the Leadership Series.

At the end of the three-part discussion on the leadership attributes of integrity, commitment, emotional intelligence and collaboration, students responded “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” to the statements below via survey*:

  • 98.5%: I’m now better aware of how leadership skills can help me in school, home and in my career (Question 1).
  • 97.7%: I plan to apply what I learned during the Leadership Series to improving my leadership skills (Question 2).
  • 96.9%:  If available, I would like to participate in the Compelling Why next year (Question 3).
  • 96.9%:  I would recommend participating in the Compelling Why Leadership Series to my friends (Question 4).
*132 students responded to the survey
Infographic of The Compelling Why 2018-2019 Programming Results

INFOGRAPHIC – The Compelling Why 2018-2019 Programming Results

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