In 2021-22, we emerged from the global pandemic and held our first in-person Success Sessions in two years. We significantly increased the number of Leadership Series workshops through school district summer academic enrichment partnerships and made our programming available to complement our youth-serving organization partner offerings.

In total, we equipped nearly 1,000 students with the mindset and attributes required for success in school, career and life.

HIGHLIGHTS (2021-22)

  • Hosted four Success Sessions at the University of Texas at Dallas, reaching 800 students.
  • Completed 19 Leadership Series workshops
  • Delivered programming to 16 North-Texas area school campuses, representing three school districts
  • Produced outstanding student survey results (see below)


Student survey results demonstrate greater awareness and internalization of our success pillars and value of leadership attributes. At least 80% of participants in 2021-22 responded “Strongly Agreed” or “Agreed” with the following statements related to their attendance at the Compelling Why Success Session:
  • 86%: The session had a positive impact on my attitude toward education.
  • 89%: Success in school is up to me – i.e., increase in taking personal responsibility for actions and behavior.
  • 85%: I feel more motivated to succeed in school.
  • 81%: I “learned about,” “considered joining,” or “signed up or gave their information” to a community or school-based extracurricular program.

At least 95% of participants “Totally Agreed” or “Agreed” with the following statements related to their participation in the Compelling Why Leadership Series:

  • 97%: As a result of the Leadership Series, I’m better aware of how Emotional Intelligence can help me at home, at school or career.
  • 98%: I plan to apply what I learned during today’s session on Self-Regulation to improve my leadership skills.
  • 95%: I would recommend participating in the Compelling Why Leadership Series to my friends.


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