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The Compelling Why Leadership Series consists of facilitated conversations by corporate volunteers who incorporate TED Talks, movie clips and their personal professional experiences to help raise students’ awareness and understanding of the leadership attributes (integrity, commitment, emotional intelligence and collaboration) required for success in today’s globally competitive workforce.

Industry needs workers who not only understand the core skills of their chosen profession but who also possess the leadership qualities that help promote organizational success. These are the same qualities colleges and universities seek in their student bodies. These are attributes every student needs to create their best reality.

Four Indicators of Leadership Excellence


Leaders build trust through integrity and by being honest, fair, and behaving in an ethical manner.


Leaders build commitment through passion, resilience, and by getting results.

Emotional Intelligence

Involves understanding your emotions and the emotions of the people around you.


Leaders build successful teams through collaboration and driving for the best results of the team, even if that means sacrificing personal desires.

Volunteer facilitators encourage students to explore questions surrounding the above leadership characteristics while using their personal and professional leadership experiences to encourage students to think about and consider how those characteristics can be applied in their lives as students, friends, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. 

Student awareness and understanding of these attributes will position them well for future academic and career pursuits.

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