The Compelling Why Seminars


The Compelling Why Seminars are day-long seminars typically hosted at a local college or university to expose students to the college environment.

A typical seminar includes the following:

  • Panels: Speakers include successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and community leaders who can effectively articulate the "compelling why" and whose life experiences and personal stories resonate with a teenage audience. By design, panelists are not sports or entertainment celebrities who disproportionately influence young people. They are local, approachable, and reflect the audiences' ethnicity and gender, who represent a future to which students can aspire.
    Seminars are held on college and university campuses.
  • Opportunity Fairs: Students are introduced to school- and community-based programs that provide academic enrichment and promote the college-going culture. Programs that are already available on students' school campuses and in their communities are featured.
  • Post-seminar debriefing sessions: Periodic in-person follow-up sessions by CW volunteers in collaboration with partner school districts are scheduled for seminar participants to help reinforce the seminars. Sessions are used to hold students accountable for taking action.
  • Compelling Why "success stories" (video library): The CW success story library consists of filmed and edited seminar content so the reach of our stellar group of professionals and community leaders can be extended to students who are unable to attend. It will also serve as content that CW students can refer to in the future, and educators, youth service providers, and community groups can incorporate into their existing programs.